Stephanie Malone

My New Favorite Addiction: Beyond Obsessed With This Miracle Tea

I’ve always had difficulty sleeping — a combination of stress, anxiety, and chronic insomnia. Because of a very hectic schedule and high stress job, I have trouble quieting my mind at night and relaxing enough to get a peaceful and rested sleep. I’ve tried taking a variety of nighttime sleep medication, but my body doesn’t react well to it. And I always prefer a natural remedy to pharmaceuticals.

When I heard about this relaxing tea, I was naturally skeptical. I doubted it could really help ease my nerves, elevate my mood, and give me a great night’s sleep. But I was honestly blown away by how well this works. First off, even without all the important added benefits, this is a truly great tasting tea. It smells heavenly, and it’s a delicious blend of herbs and perfectly balanced flavors. It’s not too strong and feels so soothing while drinking. I’ve had it several nights in a row, and I truly look forward to my relaxing cup of tea every night.

Besides being great tasting, this tea starts relaxing me as soon as the water hits the tea bag, releasing that wonderful aroma. I begin to feel less stressed and calmer immediately after the first sip. Every night I’ve tried this tea, I almost immediately feel highly relaxed and ready for sleep. I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life the past few nights drinking this tea.

I slept great, but that’s not all. The tea also seems to do a great job elevating my mood and putting me in a better state of mind. I took it after a particular stressful day when I was cranky and moody and definitely out of sorts. I had been anxious and unsettled all day. In addition, it was a Sunday night, and I am always extra stressed thinking about the long week ahead of me. These are usually the nights I have the most trouble sleeping. However, after drinking the tea, I instantly felt more clear-headed and less worried. And I easily drifted off to sleep.

Unlike other pharmaceuticals I’ve tried, not only do I easily fall asleep with the tea, but I also have been sleeping through the night — waking up to feel refreshed and energized. It’s been the absolute best feeling.
I will absolutely be purchasing more of this at full retail price right away. I can’t get enough of it. In fact, the only negative thing I can think of is that I really do want to drink this tea every night. I’ve felt so much better since I started drinking it, and I find myself eagerly looking forward to my relaxing cup of tea right before bed every night. It’s a bit expensive, and I honestly wanted to not love it! But the price is definitely worth it with these results. I love that it’s completely natural and healthy, and I don’t have to feel bad about drinking it every night.

I definitely recommend you give this tea a try. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

5 out of 5 stars


I am definitely going to be drinking this every night! So relaxing!

I have had trouble with insomnia for the past 5 years! I am so afraid to toss and turn at night, because the most sensitive noise would wake me up, and then I cannot drift back asleep until 3-4 hours later. It has been such a problem for me that my day schedule has to get rearranged sometimes because of my sleep cycle.

This relaxing sleep tea has not only helped me fall asleep, but also stay sleeping. I tried it for about 5 nights before I wrote my review to make sure that it actually works. I woke up in the middle of the night a few of those nights, but I noticed that it only took me about 1/2 hour to fall back asleep, instead of the long 3-4 hours that I usually experience. This is a huge improvement!

Now lets talk about the flavor of the tea. The first scent that pops out of that tea bag is the ginger. Once I sip it, I start to definitely taste the ginger in there mixed in with the spearmint flavor. The last flavor that comes out at me is the orange flavor. The aroma is so relaxing! I put my nose over the tea, and once I start to smell it, it immediately relaxes me. I am definitely going to be drinking this every night! I will update my review if needed.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Imagine yourself in a garden, sipping this tea by the light of the moon. Moths flitter about landing on delicate red roses. The warm tea is soothing and has the scent of spearmint. It tastes like chamomile and it reminds you of some faraway magical place. A few minutes into drinking the tea you start to feel a calm sense of peace descending on your mind. Your heart realizes that you are not thinking anymore, just feeling close to dreaming. You finish your tea and walk back into your house. Now you feel a bit sleepy so you climb into bed. Your fingers and toes feel a little tingly, your body feels relaxed as you snuggle down into your covers. You have no problem falling asleep because your mind is calm and there is nothing to worry about. The next day you wonder how an herbal tea could make you feel so relaxed and less anxious. You’ve slept better and can think more clearly. You look forward to drinking this tea again because it seems to be a secret sleep potion that mellows the mind. That is how this tea might make you feel, it was true for me.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Desert Mom

Smells and tastes wonderful. Does calm and relax too.

I always have a hard time winding down at night, so a tea that promises to help calm and relax me was something I wanted to try. I like the way this is packaged. The tea bags are sealed up nicely so they arrive fresh. With tea that’s packaged in boxes, I always question the freshness, since the air can get to it. When I opened the package, I could immediately smell the tea. It’s a strong, delicious herbal blend that smells so good. These tea bags are fine, so none of the tea slips out of the mesh. That means at the end of the cup, there is no sludge. I like teas that I can drink all the way to the bottom. The tea bags don’t have a string or hang tag, which is something I like better. The strings don’t really serve much of a purpose, and they are just extra packaging to end up in a landfill. Also, without the string there is no tiny metal staple in my tea cup.
The tea doesn’t need to steep for very long to get a good intense flavor. Just a few minutes does it for my 12 ounce cups. The taste is as good as the smell. I really enjoy the flavor of this tea. Between the smell and taste, it was a very enjoyable, satisfying cup of tea. I do think it was relaxing, and even though a nice cup of hot tea in the evening is generally relaxing, the blend of this really did calm me more than other regular caffeine-free teas can. I usually have a hard time winding down at night, but this actually helped. I wish the package was bigger, because I would go back for a second cup.

5.0 out of 5 stars

I sometimes have difficulty falling asleep, due to stress or other factors.
Having a relaxing cup of tea in the evening is a way to wind down and ‘de-stress’.
This lovely tea has citrusy notes and the aroma of licorice. I would not have thought that his combination would be appealing, but it is my new favorite.
I make this in my french press coffee maker.
One teabag plus 3 cups of boiling water, letting it steep for over 5 minutes and adding a touch of honey brings out the lovely notes and tastes of this tea.
The teabags are larger than your standard grocery store, boxed teabags, thus allowing me to make 2 mugs of tea!
Sometimes, I will let the unused tea sit in the carafe, cooled down and I use it for iced tea the following day.
It has a lovely, refreshing taste with a lemon wedge and crushed ice.
This is my go-to relaxation tea now. So easy to make, no loose tea leaves to clean up. Just organic, unbleached teabags and fresh tea leaves, citrus and spices.

As someone who loves the taste and scent of black licorice, this tea is everything that I love.

Sherry Soon