Switch off those worrying thoughts

Take our Relaxing Sleep Tea about an hour before bed to soothe away the stress of the day. It tastes good and does you good.

Our first tea is Relaxing Sleep Tea which has been expertly blended to help you relax and be in a calm state ready for bed.

Specially chosen ingredients

Feel relaxed and ready to drop off to sleep. Grab a cuppa before heading to bed. Sweet dreams.

Is your body deprived of sleep?

Do you want a natural remedy?

A tea would be nice!

Relaxing Sleep Tea by Cuppa Magic

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Chamomile – Saffron – Licorice – Ginger Root – Fennel Seeds – Rosebuds – Spearmint – Rose Hips – Lemon Grass – Tulsi (Holy Basil) – Natural Orange Flavor

These ingredients have been shown to help with the following:

Stress and sleep disorders
Gastrointestinal disorders including ulcers
Menstrual pain
Reducing rashes, pimples and scars

Heal ulcers
Relieve pain and stress
Calm liver inflammation
Helps PMS

Reduce toxic effect of alcohol
Digestive disorders
Appetite suppressant
Cough and phlegm remedy

Improve circulation & reduce stress on blood vessels
Nervous strain and fatigue
Hormonal balance

Hydrates the skin
Eye problems
Relax the senses decreasing stress
Boost metabolic process aiding digestion

Oranges are a good source of vitamins
They give a good flavor that nearly everyone likes

Promote learning and memory
Cell formation and repair
Maintain blood pressure
Disease prevention

Stomach upsets, indigestion and nausea
Fight infections
Lower cholesterol
Improve brain function

Clear toxins from internal organs
Prevent infections
Fight depression and bring inner peace
Clear acne and moisturize the skin

High in vitamins and minerals
Reduces pain, stiffness and joint inflammation
Respiratory problems
Boost immunity

Detoxifying and purifying
Helps digestion
Relieve headaches, cold and flu symptoms
Prevent kidney stones by reducing uric acid

Let it relax your mind and body, increase healthy sleep and replenish your stores of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Relaxing before bed is crucial, so brew the tea, gab a book and rest in bed without any other distractions

RELAXING SLEEP TEA – Herbal Bedtime Calming Aid – Helps Insomnia and Anxiety – Peaceful Mind and Body -Organic Superior Quality

WRESTLING WITH INSOMNIA? – Look no further – Do you have problems falling asleep – staying asleep – a disrupted sleep cycle – or just need help relaxing? – get back on track with our Chamomile and Ginger + sleep aid – works like a charm every night

UNWIND – Reduce stress after a long frustrating day – anti-stress – soothing – calms your nerves – helps you relax and get sleepy – supports emotional balance – eliminate anxious moments – aromatic comforting flavors – a perfect way to end a busy day

FRAGRANT AND DELICIOUS HERBAL BLEND – Some other teas smell pungent like cat urine – seriously taste horrible – Can’t trick your friends to drink it – BUT our tea tastes pleasant and palatable – has a mix of delightful subtle floral flavors and a soothing aroma

DRUG FREE – Natural side effect free brew – easier and better way to snooze – avoid taking addictive and damaging medication – Oxygen purified teabags – no strings attached – some other brands leave debris and grass like particles in your mouth – not these!

NO WORRIES – Incredibly effective for most people – your body chemistry plays a part in how you react to different things – we understand – know that you are protected by our 60 day refund guarantee – Happy dreams!

Stop counting sheep and get a solid 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling amazing.
Extremely effective at promoting a calm, sleepy state that is easy to drift off from.

Relax, rejuvenate, and detox while you are asleep!

Become Enchanted

14 Day Supply