The US studies has shown that around 70% of the citizens do not get the proper rest they need. For this reason, people are suffering poor health, depression and so on. Getting proper rest will help you keep your health in good condition. When you lack proper rest, it affects your immunity and concentration. To stay healthy you need proper rest, sustenance and exercise daily.

As a person ages the body deteriorates, the rate depends on how healthily we eat and how much exercise we get. Our bodily functions start to decline, we become a bit forgetful and our skin loses some of its elasticity so wrinkles start to show. Therefore as our organs become less efficient, we may suffer sleep disorders, including insomnia.

What you should know:
According to philosophers, theorists, experts, etc women are likely to experience insomnia more so than men. While many citizens find it difficult to fall asleep, some of us suffer insomnia, which is harder on our health. On the other hand, if you sleep too much during wake hours, it will affect your concentration, impair your memory and cause other problems as well, such as sleeping at night. You should have between 7 and 8 hours solid sleep, but if you get too much sleep, just like insomnia you may incur high blood pressure. Heart disease and strokes are commonly caused from insufficient or oversleeping as well. Have you considered Sleep Apnea, which is a common sleep disorder. This disorder is harder to detect than any other sleeping ailment. Sleep apnea is often detected by sleeping partners. Doctors can rarely diagnose the disorder until a sleeping partner comes forward. The disorder causes the person to wake up all through the night gasping for air. During the day hours, the person is often lethargic and may drift off to sleep uncontrollably.

The factors behind sleep disorders:
Sleep disorders, which cause interruption of restful relaxation can alter your internal organs. Your patterns and rhythms may change often. Your bodily functions will flip out and feel confused, causing a series of interruptions. You may experience joint and muscle pain, especially in the legs, or you may snore at night. These factors can lead to high risks of illnesses, depression, etc. To avoid such complications you will need to reduce stress and perhaps seek help for your sleep disorder.

What should you avoid?
When you find it difficult to sleep, try staying away from caffeine after 2 p.m. Try decaffeinated or an herbal tea later in the day. Avoid nicotine and alcohol also before going to sleep. Alcohol may help you fall to sleep quickly but it prevents you from falling into a deep sleep. You need to allow 1 hour per glass for it to digest before bedtime. If you find it difficult to drift off to sleep, you could try counting sheep as this will bore your mind watching visual captures of sheep jumping over a fence repetitiously. Some people can fall asleep watching television. If it works for you then great, but it often stimulates your mind, making it harder to switch off those thoughts. Music can also have a similar effect. You want to avoid eating or exercising for at least 4 hours before heading to bed. Exercise should boost your metabolism and late eating may cause indigestion. It is best not to take drugs to help you sleep as they generally have unpleasant side effects. But a relaxing herbal tea should calm your thoughts to help you drift off easier.

Helpful tips:
If you find it difficult to sleep at night, try adjusting the room temperature, especially if you feel uncomfortable, cool air but warm bed might be the answer. A bath or shower before bed is also said to help. When you come out, your skin feels chilled which is supposed to be a good aid to sleeping well. Turn out the lights so that the room is dark, unless you need a night light for frequent visits to the toilet, but try not to switch the bathroom light on, take a torch if necessary any extra light stimulation will make it harder to drift back to sleep. It is a good idea to get into a rhythm and wake up at the same time every day, so rather than have a lie in, go to bed earlier instead.