Our first teas are a sleep tea and 2 varieties of detox tea. They have been expertly blended to help you relax, stay calm and gently detox.

Switch off those worrying thoughts

Drink our Relaxing Sleep Tea about an hour before bed. Soothe away the stress of the day

Specially chosen ingredients

Gentle detox – caffeine free. Grab a cuppa day or night. Can concentrate but feel calm, relaxed & less bloated

View each tea’s special page for more info. Cuppa Magic’s teas are available to purchase on Amazon.com, just click the link below.

Buzzing with magical benefits

Detox and feel refreshed. Grab a cuppa every morning. It tastes good and does you good

Is your body deprived of sleep or in need of a cleanse?

Do you want a natural remedy?

A tea would be nice!

Tea by Cuppa Magic is the answer


The ingredients in all our teas are 100% organic and vegan. They have been specially blended to provide you with as many healing properties as possible with the addition of many herbs and spices.

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